This guy’s got a lot of energy.

There are many words that could describe Dr. Praveen Jain: academic, entrepreneur, mentor, inventor, but none would be more apt than philanthropist.

This internationally-acclaimed Queens University professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering has likely affected you in ways you would’ve never assumed. Any time you turn on a light or your computer, chances are he’s had a hand in improving its energy consumption.

His team also works on developing energy-, cost- and environmentally-efficient electronic technologies that could help deploy solar power generation to every corner of the planet or give an electric car the ability to feed energy back into the grid.
Even more impressive is the fact that Dr. Jain holds over 50 patents. He could be a millionaire ten times over, but instead has chosen to donate the patents and royalties from all his groundbreaking inventions back into the academic grid—where it’ll fuel and inspire the next wave of brilliant young minds.

“Lots of people have helped me throughout my career and it is my privilege to give back [to the university and society]”.